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  • 01. Is the degree a publicly recognized document? YES

    02. Do you perform the entrance exams? NO

    03. Am I, as a part-time student, also entitled to the student status? YES

    Both the full-time and part-time students automatically acquire the student status, but should not be employed or registered at the employment office.

    04. As a part-time student, can I optionally start with my studies on the 1st of February or on the 1st of June or on the 1st of October? YES

    05. Does the study program Painting also address other basic visual practices? YES

    06. Do I have any influence over the selection of specific contents that interest me? YES

    07. Do these contents also consider film, video, photography? YES

    08. Do I need to pay the tuition fee upon enrolment in each separate year? YES

    09. Does the tuition fee also cover the costs of conducting the degree exam? YES

    10. Are there are any other administrative costs, for example when registering or during the study? NO

    11. Can I enrol until the beginning of the study process during an academic year? YES

    12. Do I need to prepare my portfolio uppon application? YES

    13. Do you acknowledge the knowledge and skills acquired prior to enrolment in the program? YES

    14. Can I make an extraordinary 8-semester study in 3 calendar years? YES

    15. Is there an upper age limit for entry? NO

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