• The college of Visual Arts is an independent institution of higher education and your first choice since it performs the most complex undergraduate studies and is distinguished by the most advantageous tuition and the most appropriate organization of your study-time. Study is based on our own original subjects and well-thought contents that are presented by our excellent faculty staff.

  • You would be wise to choose to study with us, because: We will guide you individually; you probably want to study at a top-notch school, where they teach all the contemporary contents and at the same time carefully nurture artistic practice; you can partly influence the selection of contents that are dealing with theoretical and practical work; there is no upper age limit for enrolment; we have extremely simplified the registration procedure ; we have the largest range of extracurricular activities!

“Aut viam inveniam aut faciam”

is the motto of the College of Visual Arts – it reflects the whole dynamics of the indefatigable search of one’s own artistic expression.


  • Mission

    The mission and vision of our higher education institution

    The College of Visual Arts trains students with specific artistic talents for independent artistic creation in the field of painting, fine arts, contemporary practices of visual art, and in the widest field of visual arts.

    It should be noted that the teaching of fine arts and painting for fifty years was the monopoly of the faculty study. The formation of the College of Visual Arts in Slovenia for the first time opened the possibility of different education in the field of painting. This difference (to highlight but only one) is recorded by the learning process at our school, designed to combine completely abstract elements with the experience of existential space to build new art spaces.

    We are also the only ones who clearly determine their orientation and commitment to the artistic, so we continue to direct all our efforts at developing, maintaining and upgrading the program, which allows for all these qualities, of course, at the same time taking into account the dynamic development of the most up-to-date creative practices of the 21st century.

    The ability to manage technologies and paradigms that are used in contemporary art practices. A work of art in the 21st century in itself (frequently) is no longer enough, therefore the ability to promote, communicate with the public and set a work of art in the context is a necessity of a contemporary author.

  • Objectives

    The three basic objectives are interdependent and intertwined:

    The ability of graduates for an artistically mature, self-confident, creatively bold, humanistic, aesthetic and artistic creation based on solid and thorough art education acquired through practical, theoretical and professional work, which allows for the graduated, professional art scholar, to build his artistic view.

    The ability of creative and effective problem solving when working with art, in occupations that require a thorough knowledge and sovereign use of fine art tools.

    Acquired knowledge in the fields of visual arts helps solve artistic and professional problems, institutes criticism, self-criticism, responsibility, encourages initiative and provides creative boldness for the independent artistic creativity and in a wide range of fine art professions.

Why study at a higher education institution, where one can obtain an officially valid professional title?

  1. because only an officially valid professional title allows for a competitive job search
  2. because you will be competitive when participating in various government tenders in the search for (co-)funding of projects in the organization of presentations
  3. because as a graduate you would be eligible for enrolment in the Master’s degree