An Investment in Knowledge



    • The tuition fee for one year (2 semesters) of study shall be paid upon enrolment.
    • In the event that the student wants to pay tuition for two or more study years in a lump sum, he/she will be afforded a special discount.

    € 2000 / year



    • The tuition fee for one year of master’s study is to be paid upon enrolment.


    € 2000 / year

Tuition for the preparatory year of undergraduate or master study is € 2,000; it shall be paid upon enrolment.

The scholarship also covers the costs of the degree exam. There is no enrolment fee. Tuition covers the cost of issuing certificates, exam recognitions, grade printouts and other administrative services.

The tuition fees do not include the costs of issuing duplicate documents, of cancellation of documents, optional expert excursions and other optional extracurricular activities, as well as the costs of the damages that would be caused by a student at the facility or equipment of the College of Visual Arts.

The most advantageous tuition – investment in knowledge – absolutely competitive

Our tuition is absolutely unrivaled. When compared to part-time studies of related higher education institutions, it turns out that a year of part-time study elsewhere costs almost twice as much, even those of the individual educators whose study is not officially valid…